Implementation of educational digital stories for language topics in early childhood (Bachelor thesis)

Κεκρίδου, Παρθένα/ Kekridou, Parthena

The prevailing global conditions during the second decade of the twenty-first century lead to new teaching approaches that put emphasis on innovation and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Learners are enabled to “learn how to learn” in order to develop a plethora of skills that will help them to cope with the demands of a competitive social and work environment. Several ICT tools are available to the educational community that may be used in teaching and learning. A tool that is gaining importance the last years involves digital storytelling. The subject of this diploma dissertation is to illustrate main aspects involving the development of activities using educational multimedia stories that focus on language issues in early childhood education. The dissertation is organized into eight chapters. The first chapter discusses learning and teaching in general presenting the factors and theories of learning as well as the forms and props of teaching. The second chapter discusses the concepts of Educational Technology and ICT. At the same time, the positive and negative effects of ICT integration in the educational process as well as the corresponding opinions of preschool teachers are presented by conducting a bibliographical review. The third chapter focuses on a correlation between the cognitive subjects of ICT and Language by outlining the corresponding goals according to the Cross-Thematic Curriculum Framework and the Kindergarten Teacher Guide. The role of the teacher in linguistic education is also emphasized. The following three chapters deal with the concepts of digital storytelling, teaching scenario based on ICT and educational software. The seventh chapter presents an indicative teaching scenario that includes activities regarding language issues with the use of educational software. The activities provide learners the opportunity to practice on narrating various stories, thus cultivating phonological awareness skills as well as production of verbal speech. At the same time, the learners’ individual and cultural development is promoted. The aim of the indicative teaching scenario is to highlight the role of ICT in the achievement of the learning outcome, by making the learning experience more appealing and interesting to young students. The activities include five digital stories that have been created with Scratch. The digital stories include recorded narration and dialogues. Finally, the conclusions of the dissertation are presented
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης. Σχολή Επιστημών Αγωγής. Τμήμα Επιστημών της Εκπαίδευσης στην Προσχολική Ηλικία
Subject classification: Language acquisition
Educational technology--Greece
Keywords: ΤΠΕ,Εκπαιδευτικό λογισμικό,Ψηφιακή αφήγηση,Εκπαιδευτικό σενάριο,Διδασκαλία της γλώσσας,ICT,Educational software,Digital storytelling,Lesson plan,Language teaching

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