The teaching of Physics in the minority schools of Thrace (Master thesis)

Ιμπίς, Φατμέ/ Impis, Fatme

This paper is a study of Natural Sciences in the way it is taught today (2010-20 decade) in the minority primary schools of Thrace. It is divided into two major parts. The first introductory part begins with a reference to the Muslim minority in Thrace and minority education. The issues discussed here are, the ideological dimensions and social aspects of minority education, as well as the effect of bilingualism on minority students in acquiring the concepts of Natural Sciences. Then there is an extensive report to the curricula and textbooks used, as well as to the teaching models of Natural Sciences prevailing today. Second part of the work follows with a comparative study of the curricula of Greece and Turkey for the school subject Natural Sciences in elementary school in terms of their philosophy and contents. This is because the school subject Natural Sciences in the minority schools of Thrace is taught in Turkish, the textbooks come from Turkey, while there are important questions regarding which curriculum and which teaching models are proposed. In fact, the second part of the work examines whether and to what extent the two curricula go hand in hand, as well as whether minority students are ready to continue their secondary education in both Greek-language and bilingual minority high schools in the area. The paper concludes with the presentation and discussion of findings from the study.
Alternative title / Subtitle: αναλυτικά προγράμματα και σχολικά εγχειρίδια
curricula and textbooks
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης. Σχολή Επιστημών Αγωγής. Τμήμα Επιστημών της Εκπαίδευσης στην Προσχολική Ηλικία
Subject classification: Minorities--Education (Elementary)--Greece--Thrace, Western
Keywords: Φυσικές Επιστήμες,Αναλυτικά προγράμματα,Διγλωσσία,Physical sciences,Curricula,Bilingualism,Μειονοτική εκπαίδευση,Minority education

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