The design of educational tourism program in the context flexible zone and innovative activities within the primary education setting: (Master thesis)

Ντομπρίκη, Ευαγγελία/ Ntompriki, Evangelia

Educational tourism is the tourist activity undertaken by travellers for whom the primary or secondary motivation for their trip is education or learning. Educational tourism combines education with tourism in a way that promotes life-long learning, offers a pleasant learning experience, whilst also creating new forms of knowledge, new skills, and a sense of broadening horizons for the learners. In the primary education setting, educational trips are a necessary complement of children’s education: through such trips pupils have the opportunity to come into contact with places that have special educational and learning value; to learn about the achievements of humankind throughout the long-lasting course of civilisation; and to cultivate their social skills. The design of programmes of Educational Tourism can take place in the context of Flexible Zone teaching and innovative activities within the Primary Education setting. The aim of this study is to show that designing programmes of educational tourism for primary school pupils modernizes the teaching and learning processes and enhances the effectiveness of education. The sample population for this study consisted of 17 pupils from the 2nd Grade of the Primary School of Petroussa, who formed the pilot group, and 14 pupils from the 2nd Grade of the Primary School of Volakas, who formed the control group. We designed: a) a questionnaire of 44 cognitive assessment questions with the purpose of exploring the knowledge base of the participant pupils on the theme of caves; and b) a programme of assessment of physical education with the purpose of delimiting space, balance and orientation. Comparing the correct answers between the initial and final outcomes of the pilot group led to the conclusion that there is statistically significant difference in learning outcomes. This in turn shows that: ““fieldwork, properly conceived, adequately planned, well - taught and effectively followed up offers learners opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in ways that add to their everyday experiences in the classroom”.
Alternative title / Subtitle: pιλοτική εφαρμογή στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Πετρούσας Δράμας
pilot study of the primary school of Petrousas Dramas
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης. Σχολή Επιστήμης Φυσικής Αγωγής και Αθλητισμού. Τμήμα Επιστήμης Φυσικής Αγωγής και Αθλητισμού
Subject classification: School field trips
Keywords: Εκπαιδευτικός τουρισμός,Καινοτόμα εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα,Educational tourism,Innovative educational programs

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